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Prototype Castings

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Spot Technologies welcomes Southern Cast Products to the Click2Cast community.. Southern Cast is the home of "Robo Cast" Patternless Molding, Pattern Mixing, Casting Design & Engineering.

Aluminum Sand Castings

Rockford, Illinois

Spot Technologies welcomes Olson Aluminum Casting to the Click2Cast community.

Steel, Iron, and Nickel Alloy

Salem, Ohio

Spot Technologies welcomes Quaker City Castings to the click2cast community. 

Gray & Ductile Iron Castings

Cincinnatti, Ohio

Welcome a new addition to the Click2Cast family: Erhart Foundry in Cincinnati, Ohio. Erhart specializes in low to medium volume gray and ductile iron castings.

U-Shin Automotive Products: HPDC


U-Shin Global Automotive Products uses Click2Cast for efficient High Pressure Die Castings. Get the full presentation HERE

Premanent Mold/Gravity Die Casting

Hyden, Idaho

Welcome LA Aluminum started using Click2Cast in 2017. They specialize in permanent mold casting (also referred to as gravity die casting or permold), using static pour, tilt pour, or reverse tilt pour casting method variations.

Bronze Foundry

Coldspring, Minneapolis

Coldspring Memorial is the second largest bronze memorial manufacturer in North America pouring over 2.2 million pounds of bronze per year -uses Click2Cast to gain efficiencies in their process. 

Prototype to Production: Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc castings

Denver, Colorado

Protocast Inc. specializes in Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc cast and cnc machined parts for Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Robotics, & Oil and Gas Industries. They started using click2cast in order to gain efficiencies in their process.

Click2Cast News

Investment Casting

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

A recent collaboration between WPC, Tom Mueller Additive Manufacturing, Clik2Cast, and Spot Technologies resulted in a lighter, stiffer part concept and explored opportunites for adding value with shape optimization techniques.


Watch 2-minute overview video HERE


Download the full story HERE

Low Pressure Aluminum Castings

Hyden, Idaho

Lynrus Aluminum Products uses Click2Cast to optimize the development process associated with their line of Gynasium Safety Products.

Investment Casting

Almont, MI

Aristo Cast uses Click2Cast to refine the process in conjunction with their innovative additive manufacturing process. 

Die Casting & Lightweight Design

Valley City, OH

Read here.

Keep track of our most recent activity in fashion industry.

Advanced Lightweight Materials Research Group at Fiat Chrysler Auto

Detroit, MI

Chrystler FIAT uses click2cast in conjunction with their lightweight programs.

Harley Davidson

Milwaukee, WI

Harley Davidson uses Click2Cast in early product design stages to validate die casting process paramters and have direction for tooling up.

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