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Spot Technologies promotes manufacturing process optimization software specializing in Click2Cast metal casting simulation software & services. 

What do Click2Cast Customers Have to Say...?

Sample Time Reduction


"Dozens of times since switching to click2cast, we’ve run many various scenarios and exhausted all of our approaches before cutting a chip.  We never have to go back and recut the tool, something we always used to do, saving us 50% of our sampling time and 10-25% of tool room expense."   -Lynrus Products, Salt Lake CIty, UT USA 

Lower Tool Room Costs


We now use Click-2-Cast to verify our pattern design before ever cutting a chip, which has almost completely eliminated the trial-and-error process we used in past, thus speeding up our sampling process." Precision Enterprises Foundry & Machine, Somonauk, IL USA

Trail & Error Eliminated


" Woodland/Alloy Casting found that by employing this intuitive tool it was able to completely optimize and improve their casting process while continuing to maintain the goal of quality castings on time, every time." -Woodland/Alloy Casting, Racine, WI

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